Igor Val. Danilov. The future 3D virtual museum has?

“The real is the rational and the rational is the real,” F.Hegel

With the following thoughts, let me introduce you to the future of 3D virtual museums and my vision about the role  that virtual museums play, in modern society. Research statistics  suggest there are more than 55 thousand museums, in the World, which have collected millions and millions of masterpieces and cultural objects, from different epochs. The positive opportunity to elevate the level of human education, in order to develop society in the modern period, presents civilization with two big problems: how to systematically collect millions of new artefacts and art masterpieces and to include them correctly, in the incredibly huge, already existing, world collection. The second problem is how to present this quite infinite patrimony to the world, in such a way that each of us can find exactly what we need and in the fastest way, independently of where the needed object is stored.

I hope with explanation strict critics permit me to proceed from an importance to preserve world artefacts to describe the possible role of the Virtual museum industry, in the future world, answering to the problems of the modern time, for the museums above, regarding the worldwide collection of the museum objects.

The modern reality with the new forms of communication and new high level mobility of the people changes the psychological aspects of the human cognitive process and gives to museums new instruments to present the art masterpieces to the wider public, in a modern way, through telephones and computers. But with modern technologies, we can also present, worldwide, the human heritage, which is not kept in the museums: churches, street sculptures, palaces, castles and so on.

There are no senses to describe why it doesn’t matter for the ego how it keeps the cogitatum from the real object, or from the intuition only. That’s why I could continue with the simple hope that, with new technologies, we could not only collect our infinite patrimony, but select it in different ways and distribute all museum objects or, more correctly, 3D-models of the museum objects to everyone.

To preserve the human patrimony and present our masterpieces, to the public, placed outside, or inside museums, we could collect all the human patrimony, in a Worldwide 3D virtual exposition, and distribute it to everyone. This is the main reason why we started this initiative with the MuByz virtual museum, which is an application that will give everybody the opportunity to visit monuments and see our patrimony  via his cell phone.