Igor Val. Danilov presents the book “The Fake News provenance and the Open Society”


The present reflection sustains the main ideas of Open Society theory and the concept of the Sociology of knowledge, especially about the important role of the knowledge dissemination and human rights protection, based on the developing social institutes in formation of the Open society. The results of Igor Val. Danilov‘s researches and datas produced by World Bank Institute discover the influence of the knowledge dissemination on human values formation. The figures of diagrams reveal that countries ability to generate, adopt and diffuse the knowledge supports the human values development. The contemplation on the philosophical thoughts about the mind-matter coherence opened the reflection about the consciousness environment and its main drivers.
This investigation defined most influential World Mass media centres, of the Macro level language units: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, – which have more effect on the political, economical, sociological and other aspects of the world human cultural. The results of the Igor Val. Danilov’s research on the public discussion level in different language communities show the mechanism and the target of the totalitarians states ideology. The Fake news became a cynical weapon in the economic battle between countries. The present investigation identifies the customer and the targets of the Fake-news.
The Fake news is the same time the cause and the sign of the totalitarian culture regress, the economic decline and the loss of political influence in the international arena. The totalitarian society ideology depresses human rights and the personal initiative and degrades the systemic knowledge level, it worsens economic conditions and life conditions of its society. The methods and tools chosen by totalitarian societies against the Open Society are destroying their own systematic science knowledge and vulgarise their culture. So, the unequal knowledge dissemination leads the World to the imbalance of human values between different linguistic communities, which together with totalitarian leaders ambitions could guide us to the future World catastrophe.

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The Fake News provenance and the Open Society