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The MuByz virtual museum presents architecture masterpieces and museum collections exhibits that made an important contribution in the cultural European identity formation. The virtual museum gives the possibility to study art symbols and to lift the veil over the mystery of human values development.

In Architecture hall of the COLLECTIONS section the 3D models of most significant European culture monuments are collected. Modern technologies will open the virtual doors of these monuments and will present their interiors accompanied by the audio-excursion that will narrate not only about the monument history but also about interior details and historic personages concerned with it.

The Museum collections hall preserves masterpieces of the most famous museums of the World. The exposition presents comprehensively the 3D model of each treasure and accompany with audio-guide presenting the role of every object in civilization`s history.

The ITINERARIES section organizes the trip around the architectonical monuments presented in the virtual museum, as around only one city, as by uniting several cities and countries.

The SYMBOLS section presents video materials about the symbolism of byzantine art. It gives the possibility to trace how the human subconsciousness reads off the art symbols with the assistance of mysterious element of collective unconscious archetypes.

The CHRONICLE section introduces with the most important facts from the history of Byzantium, presents biographies of the most significant persons.

The MY COLLECTIONS section keeps all 3D models and audio-excursions that you have collected.

Study the virtual museum objects and listen the audio-excursions for the penetration in mysteries of hidden processes run in the society.

The Byzantine cultural heritage and monuments of this era undoubtedly make an immense contribution to the mosaic of European culture and have great value in the formation of the European identity of the people. If we allow the historical monuments to be considered poetic symbols of an archive of the social relationships, of past social realities, we can assume that they are important tools for creating personal identity. This is developed in the area belonging to two worlds: social and personal; it is the projection of society towards the person and vice versa; personal identity, as a channel through which society brings its values towards the person. This, in turn, allows us to conclude that the meaning of the symbols of art: in painting, sculpture and architecture is in transmitting the human values of society to the person. The MuByz Virtual Museum focuses on Byzantine culture by presenting visitors to the Virtual Museum with the symbols of the art of the Byzantine monuments of the time when so many of today’s human values were born. Various monuments give us the opportunity to understand the role of culture in both the European and the home countries of new immigrants, enabling us to fully understand those values that are present in modern society. Thus, in order to harmonize relations with European society, the task of present society should be to enable the creation of a series of cultural activities, aimed at informing new members of the community, both of the new generation and of immigrants, of the European culture, in all its historical perspective and national polyphony. The ultimate goal of this is to give foreigners a chance to move permanently in Europe to begin to identify with European culture, feel part of it and understand it, in all its facets. In the Council of Europe, which was created before the European Community, culture was one of the main chapters. Already, in June 1919, Konrad Adenauer (founding father of the European Union, former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany) in his famous speech, called for the need to create a community of nations, for the salvation of Europe, based not only on economic interests, but also on a cultural approach. So he invited us to recognize and cultivate the common aspects of European culture. Likewise, Robert Schuman (former French Foreign Minister, founder of the European Union) in his book on Europe, wrote: Europe, before being a military alliance or an economic entity, must be a cultural community in the highest meaning of this word. Thus, the MuByz Virtual Museum becomes an effective tool in the process of forming European cultural identity.

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